Montauk Winter 2016

Yesterday, February 27 2016, We decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Montauk. When we got there, its was like a ghost town (haha), I guess most places were closed for the season.

We ended up eating at SaltBox, one of the few restaurant that was open and we are sure glad we ended up there because the food was Y-U-M! We had the Lobster Roll, the Clam Chowder and the  Garlic truffle fries (my favorite of the three). 

We cruised around, went to the empty Ditch Plains Beach and the Montauk lighthouse (of course!). 

Really fun day...cold but FUN!

Spontaneous road trips are awesome, isn't it? Until our next road trip!! 

(See more pictures in the gallery)


♥ J.